St Patrick School Franklin PA Fund drive

Sacred Heart Academy & St. Patrick School


The alumni committee needs your help in preserving the history of our wonderful school.  If you, your child/children, or someone you know graduated from or attended one of these schools you might just be the person we are looking for to help us.

Please fill out the form below with the information we need or forward this page to your family members and former classmates that you are in touch with so we can update our database.

You could even download a copy below and return it by mail, email it to the school at, putting it in the church collection, dropping it off at the school, or the parish office.  

 Please forward this page to any of your classmates or just ask them to visit and fill out our form! 


As we celebrate our 125th year anniversary we are launching a new fund drive.  Please help us going forward as we move into an exciting future.  For complete details click the button here.

Please fill out our online form today!

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