What do our families have to say?

There are many reasons to send your children to St. Patrick School in Franklin, PA.  Here are thoughts from our parents and even some cute words from our students!  Enjoy!!  

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Here's what other St. Patrick parents have to say...

"I believe my child is getting the best education here."

"We love the school and so does our child! Great teachers, staff, kids, and parents!"

"Love the education, values, staff!

Small classes-religion-good teachers-community atmosphere-structured environment."

"Wonderful, supportive, and encouraging learning environment."

"The school is like a family."

"We value the God-centered education and small class sizes."

"We love the faith-based education, small class sizes, and the dedication of the teachers."

"Our school is an amazing place where faith is taught, teachers love their students, and the classroom environment is conducive to learning."

"We like the small class size with more one-on-one attention. We feel you are providing a superior academic education."

"We are impressed with the teachers and what is offered."

"It’s the best school ever!"

"We want to continue having our children in a Catholic school setting. We believe this is a positive influence in their development."

"Our child attends Saint Patrick School because of the continued excellent education offered, the spiritual growth, and moral reinforcement she receives.  She is proud to be a Saint Patrick student."

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